Whimzees Dog Dental Chew Medium Variety Packs

Size: 28 count
Sale price$34.77


Whimzees dog dental treat is quite effective in preventing bad breath, plaque, and tartar. The treat is prepared from all natural ingredients and does not contain gluten, artificial colors, and flavors. This all-vegetarian treat gently cleans your dogs teeth and also makes a healthy treat for pets with allergies and sensitivities. Features unique hollow shapes and space, the treat is easy to grip and chew.

  • The medium variety pack offers 3 different shapes of chews to prevent bad breath and plaque buildup
  • These chews contain no artificial colors and flavors
  • Highly digestible low fat treat
  • Makes good treat for pets with allergies

Whimzees is a well-known company prepares natural-ingredient dental chews for pets.

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