Van Ness Ecoware Non-Skid Degradable Cat Dish

Size: 8 oz Capacity (5.25"D x 1.25"H)
Sale price$5.02


The Van Ness Ecoware Decorative Cat Dish is designed to help your kitty go green! This unique dinner dish is made of natural bamboo, contains no chemicals or heavy metals, and is completely degradable. It is ideally sized for small cats, with a fun, stylish design your feline friend will love.

  • Made from bamboo and free of chemicals and heavy metals
  • Non-skid silicone base keeps dish and dinner where they belong
  • Easy to clean, high gloss finish
  • Dish comes in assorted designs
  • 8 oz Capacity - 5.25"D x 1.25"H

The dishs non-skid base is made of kitchen utensil-grade silicone. The dish is safe for your pet and the environment and is completely degradable when exposed to typical composting conditions. USDA-certified bio-based product.

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