Tetra Whisper IQ Power Filter

Size: 20 Gallons
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Tetra Whisper IQ Power Filters are here, bringing Tetras revolutionary StayClean and SoundShield technologies to your aquarium. Built for convenience from top to bottom, the Whisper IQ filter features extremely quiet operation, an upgraded impeller for longer life, and the ultra-efficient filtration technology you expect from Tetra.

  • StayClean technology allows easier maintenance and healthier fish
  • Soundproofed motor provides extremely quiet operation (<40 dB)
  • Upgraded impeller keeps filter running longer
  • Easy to set up, operate and maintain
  • For fresh or saltwater aquariums

A new way to STAY CLEAN
Whisper IQ aquarium power filters are designed for use with Tetras proprietary StayClean technology, an all-in-one flocculant, pH stabilizer, and glass cleaner that helps keep tank walls up to 35% cleaner, automatically. StayClean helps reduce general maintenance and supports healthier fish. To make the most of this feature, use Tetra Bio-Bag StayClean cartridges.

Revolutionary quiet operation
Living up to the Whisper name, all Whisper IQ filters feature SoundShield - a soundproof barrier that separates the motor from the filter - and vibration-dampening technology. Combined, these passive features minimize operating noise to less than 40 dB, giving you the peace and quiet you've always wanted for your tank.

Additional Features:

  • Proprietary impeller design for enhanced reliability
  • Smart path spillway oxygenates water and agitates surface
  • Adjustable telescoping intake
  • Easy flow control to suit a variety of needs
  • Self-priming submerged motor

Whisper IQ 10:

  • Tanks up to 10 gallons
  • 105 GPH
  • Medium cartridge

Whisper IQ 20:

  • Tanks up to 20 gallons
  • 130 GPH
  • Large cartridge

Whisper IQ 30:

  • Tanks up to 30 gallons
  • 175 GPH
  • Large cartridge

Whisper IQ 45:

  • Tanks up to 45 gallons
  • 215 GPH
  • Large cartridge

Whisper IQ 60:

  • Tanks up to 60 gallons
  • 300 GPH
  • Large cartridge

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