Safari Cat Flea Comb with Extended Handle

Size: Cat Flea Comb
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Safari Cat Flea Comb With Extended Handle comb is ideal to use after flea powders and shampoos. It helps detect fleas and their eggs at early stages and effectively removes them. The extended handle flea comb also helps to remove nits and other debris from your pet.

  • Ideal to use after flea powders and shampoos
  • Helps detect and remove fleas and their eggs at early stages
  • Extended handle flea comb helps remove nits and other debris

Before using the Cat Flea Comb, groom your pet with a Safari comb to remove any knots or tangles which may damage the teeth of the comb. While combing, pay particular attention to areas around the ears, nape of neck, and base of tail. Between strokes, place the comb into a cup of mild detergent to cleanse the tool.

This comb may be used with all types of cat breeds to help maintain a healthy coat.

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