Rio Micro Pad - Universal Filter Pad

Size: Micro Pad - 18" x 10"W - (25.5 cm x 46 cm)
Sale price$7.26


The Rio Micro Pad is a universal filtration media that polishes water on a microscopic level. This versatile, extra fine pad traps micro particles and fine debris, removing them from circulation and producing crystal clear, clean water. Cut to fit a variety of filtration systems to keep your water clean and healthy.

  • Micro water polishing filter pad
  • Universal filter pad - just cut to fit
  • For fresh or saltwater aquatic environments

Use in virtually any type of aquatic filtering system, including: Hang On Back filters, Canister filters, Wet and Dry filters, Top filters, Internal filters and Pond filters.

The Rio Micro Pad is a tightly woven mechanical filter pad designed for removing fine and coarse free-floating particles from your aquarium or pond, preventing the biological media from becoming clogged.

1. Cut the Micro Pad slightly larger than required.
2. Verify that the pad fits and trim if needed.
3. Rinse in tap water to remove dust and place in filter.

Replace every 4-6 weeks, or when required.

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