Pondmaster Proline 5000 Waterfall & Biological Filter

Size: Ponds up to 5000 Gallons - For use with Pumps 1200 - 5000 GPH
Sale price$266.93


  • 20"H x 18"W x 18"L
  • Waterfall width 18" opening
  • Container Capacity 12 Gallons
  • Maximum pump capacity 5000 GPH
  • Weight 10lbs
  • Extra Wide spillway for greater water aeration
  • Open swirl chamber for even efficient water flow through the filter media
  • 3 Separate filtering actions for super clean water
  • Easily buried in ground to hide canister from sight
  • Extra Lrge Capacity designed to increase biological filtration
  • Clean once a year under normal use.

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