Pondmaster Magnetic Drive Waterfall Pump

Size: 2000 GPH
Sale price$152.99


These Supreme Mag-Drive Waterfall Pumps are high capacity pumps designed to utilize with skimmers and waterfalls in large ponds. These Waterfall pumps are submersible and include an over sized clog resistant screen.

  • Completely submersible designed for use with skimmers and waterfalls
  • Includes extra-large clog-resistant filter screen
  • Back-flow check valve with 1.5" Fitting
  • 20 Foot power cord with grounded plug

The size pump you need depends on the flow you want, usually measured in gallons per hour, or gph, and the height that you want to bring the water up to, measured in feet and called the head height or Static Head.

2000 GPH:

  • 14' Max Head
  • 1.5" Fitting
  • 8"D x 11"H

3000 GPH:

  • 15' Max Head
  • 1.5" Fitting
  • 8"D x 11"H

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