Pondmaster Clearguard Filter UV Clarifier Kit

Size: 9 Watt UV Kit
Sale price$116.53


The Pondmaster Clearguard UV Light Conversion Kit allows you to instantly turn any Clearguard pond pressure filter into a UV-equipped sterilizer. This UV light kit supplements the cleaning power of your Clearguard pond filter by adding the advanced clarifying power of UV light. The UV light helps remove bacteria and the cells that form algae, leading to a cleaner, clearer water.

  • Enhances the cleaning action of Clearguard pond filters
  • UV light helps control green water
  • Complete and ready to install
  • Safe for fish and plants

UV KIT INCLUDES: New Bay Ballast with Three Blade Plug, Clear Quartz Sleeve. Gasket / O-ring Seal, Original 9 Watt Lamp. Features a 20 foot-long power cord for total convenience of use. Use as directed and follow all instructions when installing and operating.

A maximum of 2 UV lights can be placed in any Clearguard unit.

9 Watt UV: Ponds up to 2,700 Gallons (For use with Clearguard 2700)

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