Pondmaster Biomatrix Media for Clearguard Filter

Size: 300 Pieces
Sale price$32.89


Pondmaster Bio-Matrix Media for the Clearguard Pond Filter consists of 300 Bio Balls to facilitate effective biological filtration of your pond water. Biological filtration utilizes cultures of beneficial bacteria to digest and neutralize harmful contaminants, chemicals and toxins in your water that can harm your pond plants and fish if left untreated. Bio-Matrix Bio Balls provide maximum surface area for these bacteria to grow and thrive, helping to ensure your pond stays clear, clean and healthy.

  • Biological filter media for ponds
  • Provides optimum surface area for beneficial bacteria involved in filtration
  • Helps eliminate harmful chemicals and contaminants
  • Keeps water clear, clean and healthy

For use with Pondmaster Clearguard pond filters.

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