Petmate Simple Sifting Litter System

Size: 19.4"L x 15.6"W x 7"H
Sale price$25.26


The Petmate Simple Sifting Litter System is a time-saving solution for keeping your cats litter area clean. The top pan features special rounded blades on the bottom that sifts litter quickly while keeping clumps contained, allowing easy disposal and no waste of clean litter.

  • Patented sifting technology - includes 1 sifting pan and 2 regular pans
  • Specially designed rounded blades let litter pass quickly and easily
  • No shaking needed - cleans litter in seconds
  • Dimensions: 19.4"L x 15.6"W x 7"H
  • Durable plastic with reinforced bottom

The system is simple:
1. Clumped litter will remain on top of the sifting tray. Discard clumps and clean the tray.
2. Reassemble litter pan using empty bottom pan.
3. Pour sifted litter from original pan onto sifting tray, adding more clean litter if needed. Clean original pan and place under assembled sifter system for storage.

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