PetAg UT Solution Gel for Cats

Size: 3.5 oz
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PetAg UT Solution Gel Supplement for Cats promotes optimum bladder health & supports normal kidney detoxification and a healthy urinary tract. Made with cranberry extract and Oregon grape root to support a healthy unirnary tract.

  • Promotes Optimal Urinary Tract, Bladder and Kidney Health
  • Easy to Administer Gel Formula
  • Great Tasting
  • Contains Cranberry Extract and Oregon Grape Root
  • For Cats 6 Months and Older

INSTRUCTIONS: For cats 3-10 lbs. give 1/4 tsp daily. For cats over 10 lbs. give 1/2 tsp daily. Give recommended amount daily, administer orally.

INGREDIENTS: DL-Methionine Cranberry Extract 36:1 Oregon Grape root Ascorbic Acid L-lysine cornstarch glucose guar gum lecithin natural and artificial flavor silicon dioxide sucrose and vegetable oil

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