Pet OTC NausX Anti-Motion Sickness Treatment for Dogs 16-50 lbs

Size: 20 count
Sale price$22.99


NausX helps treat motion sickness, symptoms including dizziness, nausea, and vomiting! Relieves your dog on the spot! Highly recommended by Veterinarians! The safest and most convenient way to relieve your dogs struggle with motion sickness served over the counter with no prescription needed! Made in the USA, and FDA registered.

  • Ingredients work with your best buds own system to help soothe his upset stomach
  • Designed to help relieve nausea, dizziness and vomiting
  • Ideal for use when your pet is traveling in cars, trucks, trains, planes, buses and boats
  • Can provide up to 6 hours of relief
  • Fast-acting easy-to-swallow pills are small and odor-free

PRECAUTIONS: Do not use with any other products containing Meclizine. Ask a veterinarian before use if your dog has any chronic illnesses. Ask a veterinarian or pharmacist if your dog is on any other medication before use. Stop use and contact your veterinarian if symptoms persist for more than 48 hours. Do not give to pregnant or lactating dogs. Do not give to puppies under 6 months. Keep out of reach of children in case of overdose contact poison control center immediately. Not for human use.

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