Perfecto Hood Backstrip - Clear

Size: Large - 24.9" Long x 2.75" Wide
Sale price$10.23


The Perfecto Hood Backstrip replacement ensures your tank is completely covered - no more jumping fish! This clear plastic back strip with groove can be cut for a perfect fit with any Perfecto hood.

  • Clear replacement backstrip for Perfecto Hood
  • Ensures tank is completely covered for no more jumping fish
  • Will fit any Perfecto hood and can be cut for any fit

Medium Dimensions: 21.9"L x 2.75"W Fits:
10 Hex, 14 Hex, 27 Hex
24" Deluxe Full Hood
24" Recessed Full Hood
48" Recessed Full Hood
30" Deluxe Full Hood

Large Dimensions: 24.9"L x 2.75"W Fits:
36" Deluxe Full Hood
36" Flat Back Hex Full Hood
36" Recessed Full Hood
48" Deluxe Full Hood
48" Flat Back Hex Full Hood
18 x 25 45 Colume Full Hood
45 Hex Full Hood
24" Flat Back Hex Full Hood
30" Recessed Full Hood

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