Penn Plax Action Air Shipwreck Aquarium Ornament

Size: 10" Long x 7" High (With Masts in Place)
Sale price$20.26


The Penn Plax Action-Aerating Split Shipwreck boat ornament comes to life and moves as bubbles rise. You also have a wide range of choices in setting up the Shipwreck in your aquarium. Halves may be separated, placed over rocks, or set at angles to each other.

  • Bring your aquarium to life with a Action-Air Shipwreck
  • Shipwreck requires air pump and airline tubing to activate movement
  • Colorful hand painted shipwreck gives each ornament its own individual look

Shipwreck Dimensions: 3.5" to 7" Tall if the masts are placed in upright position. Each half of the boat is approximately 5" Long and total length is approximately 10" Long.

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