Ocean Nutrition Feeding Frenzy Feeding Station

Size: Medium Feeding Station
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The Ocean Nutrition "Feeding Frenzy" Feeding Station is a unique tool for making the feeding of flake foods and other floating foods an easier, more efficient, and more enjoyable process (for fish and fish keepers).

  • Keeps floating foods from scattering on water surface
  • Saves food from being caught in filter or skimmer
  • Durable and easy to clean

The Feeding Station floats on the surface of the aquarium water and adheres to the inside surface of glass or acrylic aquariums. The Feeding Station Medium Dimensions are 4.5" Long x 5.15" Wide.

The Ocean Nutrition "Feeding Frenzy" Feeding Station provides a stationary zone where fish can return repeatedly to feed while containing floating foods within a limited space. The food does not immediately scatter across the aquarium water surface, which helps to reduce the clogging of filters or skimmers.

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