Oasis Vita E-Z-Mist for Guinea Pigs

Size: 2 oz (250 Sprays)
Sale price$11.12


Oasis Vita E-Z-Mist for Guinea Pigs is a specialized, Focus-Formula multivitamin that makes it easy to maintain healthy nutrition. Just spray Vita E-Z-Mist on your pets fresh fruits and veggies, dry pelleted ration, or dry hay to add healthy vitamins to its daily diet!

  • Focus-Formula multivitamin for guinea pigs
  • Simply spray onto fresh foods or hay
  • Excellent source of Vitamin C

Guinea Pig Vita E-Z-Mist is suitable for guinea pigs (cavies) of all ages. It may be used on specific days, replacing a constant, 24/7 supplementation of drinking water. Adding your pets essential vitamins directly to food instead of water virtually guarantees that the nutrients will be consumed.

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