North American Cat Condo

Size: 13.3" Diameter x 12" Tall
Sale price$33.96


North American Pet Products' Classy Kitty Cat Condo is covered in soft, luscious, stain-resistant carpet and treated with catnip! This cozy cubby is the perfect place for your kitty to hide, rest, play, or grab a catnap.

  • Stain resistant carpet
  • Treated with catnip for extra fun
  • Provides a great place to hide and play
  • Made in North America

Classy Kitty cat furniture is built according to the Classy Kitty Advantage system, designed to satisfy the health, texture, visual, learning and reward needs of your cat. Made of recyclable materials.

Dimensions: 13.3"W x 12.5"H

Note: Ships in assorted earth-tone colors. Please allow us to select a color for you!

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