Natural Chemistry Ruffled Feathers Bird Mite & Lice Spray

Size: 8 oz
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Natural Chemistry Ruffled Feathers Bird Mite and Lice Spray quickly and safely treats lice and mites in your birds cage! This fast-acting spray is made with natural cinnamon oil that ends infestations without causing lasting effects on your feathered friends.

  • Treats lice and mites in bird cages
  • Safe for use on all birds
  • Made with natural cinnamon oil

Made in the USA.

Directions: Shake well before using. Read entire label before using and use only in accordance with label instructions. Ready to use. Do not dilute. Leave birds in the cage. Remove food or foodstuffs from the cage. Spray directly on birds from a distance of 12-18 inches. Avoid the birds eyes and face. Spray lightly using 3-4 bursts.

For cage mite control, remove the birds, food and water cups, toys, etc., and spray the cage and infested areas thoroughly by holding the spray at least a foot from the surface using 5 or 6 bursts. To control bird live and mites, repeat no more than twice a week. Bird cages should be cleaned in hot water as part of a weekly regimen. If parasite infestation continues for a period of time, we recommend taking your bird to a veterinarian.

Active Ingredients:
Cinnamon Oil - 0.05%
Cottonseed Oil - 0.05%
Other Ingredients: Water, Soap, Glycerin, Myristic Acid.

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