Marineland Rite-Size E Power Filter Cartridge

Size: 2 Pack
Sale price$7.80


Marineland Bio-Wheel Emperor Power Filters cartridges are designed for optimal performance and incredible ease of use. Rite-Size E cartridges feature Marinelands Black Diamond Premium Activated Carbon for excellent mechanical and chemical filtration.

  • Replacement filter cartridge for Emperor 280 and 400 filters
  • Pre-assembled and easy to replace
  • Provides mechanical and chemical filtration for crystal clear water

A pad of double-thick polyfiber mechanically filters out floating waste and debris before allowing water to pass and be chemically filtered through Marinelands Black Diamond Premium Activated Carbon. Rite-Size cartridges feature a patented ribbed backing to maintain their shape, ensuring even distribution of activated carbon for maximum water-to-carbon contact.

For best results, change cartridge every 2-4 weeks.

Fits: All Marineland Emperor Power Filters (280 and 400).
Dimensions: 8.8"L x 6.0"W
Placement: Black plastic side faces front of filter, blue side faces back.

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