Marineland Premium Activated Carbon Bags

Size: Fits all C-Series Canister Filters (2 Pack)
Sale price$8.30


Marineland Rite-Size Premium Activated Carbon Bags for all Magniflow and C-Series Canister Filters. Replacement Carbon Bags 100g, for the Marineland Magniflow and C-Series Canister Filters.

  • Premium Activated Carbon Bags - 2 100g Bags
  • Removes odors, discoloration and impurities
  • Fits all Magniflow and C-Series Canister Filters

Rite Size S and Rite Size T Replacement Carbon Bags designed for these Canister Filters:

  • Magniflow 160 Canister Filters and C-160 Canister Filter
  • Magniflow 220 Canister Filters and C-220 Canister Filter
  • Magniflow 360 Canister Filters and C-360 Canister Filter
  • C-530 Canister Filter

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