Marineland Place-A-Lite Fluorescent Strip Light

Size: 30" Long - (24" Bulb)
Sale price$48.61


Marineland Place-A-Lite Fluorescent Strip Lights are convenient replacement lights for recessed full hoods or Marineland Universal Fit Full Hoods, and may also be used over glass or acrylic canopies. Each Place-A-Light features a textured black finish and includes 1 daylight spectrum fluorescent bulb.

  • Replacement strip light for all recessed full hoods and Marineland aquariums
  • Instant start, can be put on timer
  • Vented for heat dissipation
  • Includes 1 daylight spectrum fluorescent bulb

The Place-A-Light casing is made of high impact polystyrene, with a textured surface that won't show fingerprints. A water-resistant rubber switch protects against corrosion. Marineland Place-A-Light was formerly sold as Perfecto Perfect-A-Strip.

Note: Place-A-Lights must be used over glass or acrylic canopies, or aquarium hoods. Do not use over open water.

30" Long

  • Dimensions: 30"L x 4.5"W x 2.75"H
  • Includes: 24" 17 Watt T8 lamp
  • Fits: 30" aquariums and 36" recessed full hoods

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