Marineland Hold Fast Epoxy Stick

Size: 4 oz
Sale price$10.31


Marinelands HoldFast Epoxy Stick has superior bonding ability that allows you to create steps, caves, cliffs, and walls for aquarium animals to enjoy. It bonds all types of materials from rocks, to corals, to slate, and many more.

  • Bonds live rock, slate, plants and corals
  • Easy to use
  • Safe for freshwater and marine tanks, safe for all fish and invertebrates

HoldFast epoxy stick is non-toxic to fish and invertebrates and is great for use in freshwater or saltwater.

Marineland HoldFast epoxy stick mixes easily in the palm of your hand - no messy liquids to measure and mix. Just break off a piece, knead it in your hand until it turns white, and it is ready to bond.

This Hold Fast Epoxy Stick will begin to harden after 7 minutes and will dry within 30 minutes. You can sand, fill or drill within an hour of use.

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