Marina Vibrascaper Hygrophilia Plant - Green DayGlo

Size: 5" Tall
Sale price$2.32


Decorate your tank with striking Green DayGlo Hygrophilia plants! Did you know that by adding plants to your aquarium that your fish stress levels go down due to the added places to hide! These realistic plants are designed to sway and undulate in the current of your aquarium.

  • True to nature design
  • Undulate with currents
  • Natural-looking translucent colors can't fade
  • Completely safe for all aquarium occupants

Marina Vibrascape plants are made of safe, non-toxic material and will not affect your waters chemistry. Their natural color finish will not fade and is safe for all aquarium occupants. To install, simply bury the base of the plant in your aquarium gravel or substrate.

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