Marina Internal Filter - i25

Size: Internal Filter
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Marina i25 Internal Filters are compact and powerful! These internal filters easily clip onto Marina goldfish aquariums and can also fit any other goldfish or tropical tank that is up to 6.6 Gallons with secure suction cups.

  • Compact and powerful
  • Waterfall spout for oxygenation
  • Ideal for goldfish and tropical tanks

The Marine i25 Internal Filters are extremely quiet due to the fact that their motors are submerged under water. The i25 filter comes with one power cartridge that is designed to enable the water to enter the center of the cartridge for effective mechanical, chemical and biological filtration. Once water has entered the center it enters the zeolite chamber so toxic ammonia can be removed, then it enters the 2nd chamber which has the carbon so that polutants and odors get removed as well.

The i25 traps debris inside the cartridge to ensure crystal clear water and the cartridge can be changed easily with no mess and no hastle!

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