Marina Bio-Clear Zeolite Slim Power Filter Cartridge

Size: 3 Pack
Sale price$5.46


Marinas Slim filter Bio-Clear Cartridges are availabe in a 3 pack and fits all three Slim Filter Models. These are ideal for golfish and combines zeolite and Ceramitek in one cartridge to offer the healthiest tank!

  • Absorbs toxic ammonia and reduces fish stress
  • Best for goldfish
  • Zeolite with Ceramitek for clean and clear water

The Zeolite in these cartridges effective absorbs toxic ammonia and reduces stress on fish. The Ceramitek (a highly porous ceramic biological filter medium) optimizes biological filtration.

These filter cartridges are 100% disposable and should be replaced every two weeks.

Never replace all filter cartridges at the same time in order to ensure constant presence of beneficial bacteria.

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