Marina Bio-Clear Slim Power Filter Cartridge

Size: 3 Pack
Sale price$5.50


Marinas Slim Filter Bio-Carb Cartridges are available in 3 packs and replace all 3 Slim Filter Models. These cartridges are ideal for tropical fish and combines activated carbon and Ceramitek into one easy cartridge for a healthy vibrant aquarium!

  • Removes pollutants and odors
  • Best for tropical fish
  • Carbon with ceramitek for clean and clear water

The activated carbon within these cartridges removes pollutants and odors while the Ceramitek (a highly porous ceramic biolical filter) optimizes biological filtration.

These disposable cartridges should be replaced every 2 weeks for best results.

Never replace all cartridges at the same time to ensure constant presence of beneficial bacteria.

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