Marina Betta Purple Hearts Shrub Aquatic Plastic Plant

Size: 1 count (3"L)
Sale price$5.52


Marina Betta Purple Hearts Shrub Aquatic plastic plant is a natural-looking plant that you can keep in your aquarium just like live plants. Made of premium quality material, this plastic plant lasts for a long time. Even it does not change the pH level of water. Your aquatic pets will love to play around its natural-looking flowers and leaves. Its life-like colors will not fade easily. You can use it with the 1/2 gallon marina betta aquarium.

  • Makes ideal plant for betta aquariums
  • Looks like a real plant
  • Safe for aquarium inhabitants
  • Long-lasting and maintenance-free

Place an order for this lovely plastic-made decorative plant and uplift the beauty of your aquarium.

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