Mad Cat Rainbow Chaser Cat Wand

Size: 1 count
Sale price$8.42


Some rainbows have a pot of gold at the end, this one will have your happy cat! This unique wand features a custom silly straw handle that has the perfect amount of flex for interactive play. The Mad Cat Rainbow Chaser Wand features three adorable soft plush toys for triple the fun and a super bouncy elastic string for maximum movement. This toy is great for active playtime, chasing, jumping, and pouncing.

  • Non-toxic, all natural silvervine and catnip blend
  • Soft, high-quality plush material
  • Perfect for tossing, batting, kicking, and cuddling
  • Super bouncy elastic string
  • Perfect for chasing, jumping, and pouncing

Works for cats who are normally not affected by catnip.

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