Mad Cat Big Purrito Kicker Cat Toy

Size: 1 count
Sale price$8.42


One Purrito coming right up! This burrito wont make a mess when your cat is kicking, pouncing, and wrestling. Filled with a super potent custom blend of catnip and silvervine for twice the cat attractants, and twice the fun! Plus a tempting crinkle sound to appeal to all of your cats senses while they play. Silvervine is an all-natural catnip alternative that cats love, it elicits a similar reaction to catnip, and works for many cats who normally are not affected by catnip.

  • Non-toxic, all natural silvervine and catnip blend
  • Soft, high-quality plush material
  • Perfect for tossing, batting, kicking, and cuddling
  • Supersized kicker with fun and whimsical features
  • Enticing crinkle effect for added fun

Works for cats who are normally not affected by catnip.

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