Kordon Rapid Cure Ich & Parasite Treatment

Size: 4 oz - (Treats 2000 Gallons)
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Kordon Rapid-Cure Ich and Parasite Treatment acts fast to treat Ich infections, external protozoan parasites, and the side effects of parasite infection in aquarium fish. One drop per gallon of water relieves symptoms in just 48 hours. Safe for fresh and saltwater fish tanks.

  • Fast acting treatment for Ich, protozoan parasites and fin damage
  • Relieves surface itching and other symptoms in just 48 hours
  • Safe for fresh and saltwater

Treats these symptoms:

  • Ich: Small white spots commonly seen over entire body. Fish may have itching that causes them to scratch and rub against tank bottom, rocks or decor.
  • Protozoan Fin Damage: Fins band or tail are frayed and may have missing edges. Appearance is eroded and may look opaque. (Sometimes referred to as fin rot)
  • Protozoan Parasites: This condition produces a white or grayish film of surface mucus. Some infections may show visible worms, rapid breathing and flashing (rubbing and scratching while moving along the tank bottom).

Directions for Use: Shake well before using. Raise aquarium water temperature to 82-84°F.
1. Check your water quality levels before using to ensure that they are within acceptable ranges.
2. Remove carbon from filters.
3. Remove invertebrates from aquarium or pond.

Freshwater- Add 1 drop to each 1 gallon daily for all fish except those in the Tetra family (add 1 drop to each 2 gallons daily for Tetras).
Saltwater - Add 1 drop to each 1 gallon daily in a bare aquarium.

Replace filter carbon 24 hours following the final treatment.


If further treatment is required, complete a 25% water change before starting another treatment cycle. Treated water will turn blue during the treatment cycle. This is a normal and temporary condition that disappears in a few days.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Inner surfaces such as decorations and silicone may become stained by this treatment.

Note: Perform a 50% water change in case of accidental overdose or if fish show any signs of distress during treatment.

Active Ingredients: Triethylene Glycol, Plyvinylpyrrolidone K-29, and Malachite Green.

Warnings: DO NOT USE ON: Invertebrates, live rock, shrimp, snails, scaleless fish such as elephant nose and baby whales, or loaches. Do not use in reef tanks with live rock, live coral or anemones. This product is for aquarium use only. Do not exceed recommended dosage. May stain sealant and aquarium decorations.

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