Kordon Fish Therapy Disease Natural

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Kordon Fish Therapy Natural Disease Treatment for Fresh and Saltwater allows treatment of a single symptomatic fish rather than stressing the entire aquarium. Simply net the fish showing signs of injury or disease, place it int he Fish Therapy? bath for 15 minutes, and then return it to its regular aquarium. FISH THERAPY contains a natural stress reducing oil - keeps fish calm and stress-free during treatment.It is effective against external protozoans, fungus infections, aggression damage, fin and tail rot, fungus and bacterial infections.

  • Requires Only a 15-Minute Treatment Period
  • Treats a Single Fish Out of the Aquarium - Not the Entire population
  • May Be Used Longer-Term In "Hospital Tanks? Without Carbon Filters
  • Will Not Harm Biological Filters
  • Safe When Used as Directed For All Freshwater & Saltwater

INSTRUCTIONS: 1- Add 1 teaspoonful (approx. 5 mL) of FISH THERAPY? for every 1 gallon of water to be treated 2- Allow the symptomatic fish to soak in the prepared bath for 15 minutes 3- After 15 minutes it is safe to add the treated fish back into your aquarium NOTE: treatment may be repeated or used in a hospital tank.

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