Kaytee Pine Small Pet Bedding

Size: 1 Bag - (500 Cu. In. Expands to 1200 Cu. In.)
Sale price$9.12


Kaytee Pine Bedding and Litter is made with all natural pine shavings and is specially processed to help eliminate dust and wood debris that is commonly found in other pet bedding.

  • All natural pine shavings
  • Specially processed to help eliminate dust and wood debris
  • Natural pine oils suppress microorganisms and provide a clean, fresh aroma
  • Now available in BULK pind pet bedding for added savings

This bedding is recommended for use in open, well ventilated cages and habitats and is not recommended for use in closed environments like habitrails or aquariums with limited to no ventilation.

Made in the USA.

Ingredients: Kiln Dried Pine Shavings.

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