Kaytee Paw Print & Hamster Face Crock

Size: 2-5/8" Diameter
Sale price$3.78


The Kaytee Paw Print PetWare Bowl is the perfect fancy feeder for your pet hamster or gerbil. This fun and fashionable crock is decorated with actual paw prints and face silhouettes of a hamster.

  • Perfect fancy feeder for your pet hamster or gerbil
  • Twice baked ceramic dish for a high-quality feeder
  • Heavy-duty construction prevents overturns
  • Crock Dimensions: 2.6" Wide x 1.5" High

These ceramic dishes are twice-baked making them the highest quality feeder for your pet, plus they are heavy-duty to prevent overturns.

Note: Bowls ship in assorted colors - let us pick one for you!

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