Kaytee My First Home Chinchilla or Ferret Starter Kit

Size: 1 count
Sale price$124.99


Kaytee My First Home Ferret or Chinchilla Starter Kit contains everything you'll need to provide a safe, loving home for your pet including a habitat, Clean & Cozy bedding, water bottle, and food dish. The habitat features a deep plastic base that prevents bedding from scattering and easily separates from the wire top for convenient cleaning. The sturdy wire frame has 1-inch bar spacing and chew-proof latches and locks to keep pets safe and secure. Comfort shelves with safety ramps are included to encourage healthy activity and exercise. Habitat is easily assembled with no tools required. Ideal for use with a pet ferret or chinchilla.

  • Ideal habitat for a ferret or chinchilla
  • Easy to assemble with no tools required
  • Comfort shelves and safety ramps to encourage healthy activity and exercise
  • Chew proof latches and locks to keep pets safe and secure
  • Cage Dimensions: 30"x 18" x 29"

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