Kaytee Field and Forest First Cut Timothy Hay

Size: 90 oz
Sale price$11,998.80


Harvested at the peak freshness specifically for your small pet. Our premier Timothy Hay is cut from the first harvest which yields a hearty, crisp, and nutritious crop the product of fresh, cool rain and naturally fertile soil. We pride ourselves in growing premier all-natural Timothy Hay without pesticides. Our hay is hand-selected to ensure high nutritional value. Each convenient stay-fresh pack is carefully boxed to protect it from light, air, and moisture to lock in freshness, guaranteed.

  • Long fibrous stems with fewer leaves
  • Hearty and robust with a crunchy, satisfying texture
  • Hand selected to ensure high nutritional value
  • Grown without pesticides specifically for small pets
  • Convenient stay fresh packs, boxed to lock in freshness

Ingredients: Sun-Cured Timothy Hay

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