Kaytee American Blend Seed Cake with Favorite Seeds Grown In America For Wild Birds

Size: 2.3 lbs
Sale price$13.40


Kaytee American Blend Seed Cake is a mix of preferred ingredients, including black oil sunflower, that will attract a variety of birds to your backyard feeders. Best of all, the grains are grown with pride in the USA and packaged at one of Kaytees processing facilities located throughout the country. When you feed Kaytee All American Blend you help support local bird populations and the local economy.

  • For all wild birds
  • Grown and packaged in the USA
  • Excellent source of energy and protein
  • Use with the Kaytee feeder station

For best results, place in your Kaytee feeder station and hang approximately 5 feet above ground.

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