JW Pet Crackle Heads Ball Dog Chew Toy - Assorted

Size: Medium - 3" Diameter
Sale price$5.38


JW Pet Crackle Heads Ball Dog Toys provide a delightful crackle and crunch with a crunchy bottle material protected by a durable rubber ball with holes for easy grip. Featuring long-lasting, thick, durable rubber, this toy is perfect for exciting games of toss and fetch.

  • Perfect for playing fetch
  • Durable rubber toy with crunchy plastic ball material
  • Contains holes for a great grip
  • Medium Ball: 3" Diameter
  • Assorted Colors: Green, Blue, Pink

The rubber ball is stuffed with crunchy plastic, creating a fun, stimulating noise that will have your dog even more excited for playtime. Durable Chew Toy comes in assorted colors. This long-lasting dog toy is made with a tough outer rubber layer and the crunchy ball inside is made with recyclable plastic bottle material. Great dog toy for playing toss, fetch, and chewing fun.

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