JW Pet Cataction Catnip Plush Raccoon Cat Toy

Size: 1 count
Sale price$3.26


The Cataction Catnip Plush Raccoon Cat Toy is a super-soft plush toy is infused with catnip that produces a strong aroma that drives cats crazy. The floppy long tail and crinkly sound on the inside entices kitties and makes playtime interesting and fun. Perfectly sized for your cat to bat at, pick up, and carry your cat will love the Cataction Plush Catnip Raccoon.

  • Infused with catnip
  • Perfect for solo playtime
  • Lightweight, yet durable
  • Soft plush material is gentle on your cats mouth
  • Long tail & crinkle sound on the inside keeps playtime interesting

Always supervise your pets during play.

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