JW Gripsoft Soft Slicker Brush

Size: Small
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JW JW GripSofts Soft Slicker Brush is used by professional groomers to remove dead shedding hair and helps untangle mats and snarls. Designed especially for pets with sensitive skin and fine silky coats.

  • Removes mats, tangles and dead unwanted hair
  • Designed specially for pets with sensitive skin and fine silky coats
  • Great for all breeds and coat types

The "Good Grooming" tool for gentle brushing of small dogs, cats and kittens. Keep groomer comfortable with GripSoft rubber-sheathed handle.

You'll like the "feel of this tool-curved, shaped and cushioned to lie comfortably in your hand. The ergonomically designed handle helps to keep your muscles more relaxed, yet gives you better control. Now you and your pet can feel the difference and enjoy the "Good Grooming" with GripSoft experience.

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