JW Gripsoft Soft Pin Slicker Brush

Size: Soft Pin Slicker Brush
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JW Gripsofts Soft Pin Slicker Brush can be used on all dogs and cats. Finger fitting contours of handle increase comfort and control. Soft slicker brush is specifically intended for pets with sensitive skin and/or a fine silky coats.

  • Helps remove dead and shedding hair
  • Finger-fitting handle contours for comfortable, secure grip
  • Great for all breeds and coat types

To reduce hairball formation brush long haired cats daily especially when shedding. You can also use it on puppies and kittens!

First brush your pets coat lightly against the direction of hair growth. Then smooth the coat by brushing with hair growth. To look their well-groomed best pets should be combed and brushed regularly. Prior to bathing brush the entire coat.

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