Hydor Koralia Circulation & Wave Pump

Size: Koralia 240 - 3.5 Watts (240 GPH)
Sale price$34.11


Hydor Koralia Circulation Pumps and Wave Pumps are the next generation Koralia pumps that boast greater energy-efficiency and enhanced features. Higher efficiency Hydor Koralia pumps generate up to 20% more water flow at HALF the energy consumption.

  • Compact, Energy Saving, Controllable Powerhead Pump
  • Exclusive Magnet Suction Cup with vibration reduction technology
  • Use with Saltwater or Freshwater aquariums - Reef, Live Plants, Fish, etc.
  • Compatible with on/off style timers

The upgraded, shaft-less impeller boasts unique design for wide and gentle water flow beneficial to aquarium inhabitants. Connect the timer-controllable circulation pump to a timer or wavemaker for custom aquarium water movement. A patented magnetic base with articulating ball joint allows full, 360-degree range of convenient pump positions. Direct vital water movement to areas of your aquarium never possible with conventional powerheads.

240 GPH:
  • 3.5 Watt
  • Fits 3/8" glass
  • Freshwater 16-28 gallon / Saltwater 10-15 gallon

425 GPH:

  • 3.5 Watt
  • Fits 3/8" glass
  • Freshwater 28-50 gallon / Saltwater 15-30 gallon

565 GPH:

  • 3.5 Watt
  • Fits 3/8" glass
  • Freshwater 40-65 gallon / Saltwater 20-40 gallon

600 GPH:

  • 4.5 Watt
  • Fits 1/2" glass
  • Freshwater 40-70 gallon / Saltwater 25-40 gallon)

850 GPH:

  • 4.5 Watt
  • Fits 1/2" glass
  • Freshwater 50-90 gallon / Saltwater 30-50 gallon

1150 GPH:

  • 5 Watt
  • Fits 1/2" glass
  • Freshwater 70-125 gallon / Saltwater 45-70 gallon

1500 GPH:

  • 6 Watt
  • Fits 1/2" glass
  • Freshwater 90-160 gallon / Saltwater 55-90 gallon

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