Hikari Betta Ultimate Water Conditioner

Size: .08 oz - 2.5 mL
Sale price$1.58


Hikari Betta Ultimate is an effective conditioner to make new aquarium water safe for fish and aquatic plants. It destroys chloramines, eliminates ammonia, eliminates chlorine, detoxifies nitrite and detoxifies heavy metals (including copper), providing numerous health benefits for your aquarium fish.

  • Makes water your betta will love...from tap water
  • Destroys Chloramines
  • Eliminates Ammonia and Chlorine

Selectively replaces missing skin slime (only where missing). Adds essential electrolytes for good health. Buffers the water (boosts alkalinity). Reduces stress. Instantly "ages" your bettas water. Easy-to-use, cannot be overdosed. Gives your betta its best chance at a healthy environment.

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