Hermit Habitat Natural Terrarium Sand - Glow in the Dark

Size: 2 lbs
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Hermit Habitat ProCalcium Hermit Sand is a unique substrate designed specifically to support the needs of hermit crabs. The special ProCalcium formula provides hermit crabs with a significant source of calcium and contains no silica or phosphates.

  • 100% digestible calcium carbonate sand with no silica or phosphates
  • Provides a significant source of calcium for healthier hermit crabs
  • Features non-toxic color pigments

ProCalcium Hermit Sand naturally neutralizes odors and contains only non-toxic color pigments, so you can create a safe, unique, natural habitat. Use for terrariums, hermit crab enclosures, aquariums, ponds, gardens, potted plants, ash trays, vases, and more.

Directions: Add ProCalcium Hermit Sand at approximately 1-3 inches [2.5-7.6 cm] deep, creating an undulating effect. Scoop debris weekly and replace sand every 4 to 6 months to prevent toxicity.

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