Fritz Aquatics Pro Aquatics A.C.C.R. Dry Ammonia Chlorine and Chloramine Remover

Size: 1.25 lbs
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FritzPro A.C.C.R. is a unique, highly-concentrated powder that completely, instantly, and safely detoxifies ammonia, chlorine, and chloramine from fresh and saltwater. FritzPro A.C.C.R is non-toxic and can be safely used in all types of fish and aquatic invertebrate culture.

  • Concentrated dry formula
  • Will not negatively affect biological filtration
  • Will not affect dissolved oxygen levels in the water
  • Non toxic to fish, invertebrates, aquatic plants, humans and pets
  • Safe for use with food fish and shellfish

1 teaspoon will treat approx. 40 gallons (151 L) or 32 g per 1,000 L (264 gallons)

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