Four Paws Healthy Promise Paw Guard for Dogs

Size: 1 count
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Four Paws has been helping pet parents and four-legged family members flourish together for 50 years. Driven by the passion to keep our furry best friends thriving happily, Healthy Promise supplements and healing & care products help provide our pets a healthy, active, and fulfilling life. Paw Guard is created to restore moisture to dogs pads and protect them from abrasive surfaces. From walking on hot pavement in the summer to salt-treated sidewalks in the winter, there are many activities throughout the year that can damage your dogs paws. Thats why this dog pad protector helps keep paws safe from icy surfaces, hot pavement, gravel, sand, hard surfaces, snow, and ice-treated areas. It also features Lanolin, a naturally occurring oil that softens and heals dry or cracked dog paws while trapping water to restore moisture. Use Healthy Promise USA-made dog paw healing ointment year-round to protect your fur friend and live Happier, Healthier, and Stronger together!

  • HELPS PROTECT PAWS FROM SNOW AND SALT - Paw Guard for dogs designed to protect paws from cold, abrasive snow and salt-treated areas
  • RESTORES MOISTURE TO PAWS - Formulated with Lanolin for dogs to help moisturize dry or cracked paw pads
  • YEAR-ROUND PROTECTION - Dog paw protector helps keep paws safe on hot, icy, sandy, or hard surfaces
  • EASY TO APPLY - Simply rub your dogs paws onto product or apply directly by hand
  • USA-MADE DOG PRODUCTS - Our dog healing & care products are proudly made in the USA

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