Fluval Peat Granules Filter Media

Size: 17.6 oz
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Fluval Peat Granules are the all-natural way to soften aquarium water and achieve the pH levels required for breeding and rearing certain tropical fish. Peat contains humic acid, tanning agents, and trace elements that are essential for various life processes. Highly concentrated for maximum effectiveness, this product is recommended for fish that prefer soft, acidic water.

  • All Natural Way to Acidify Aquarium Water
  • Highly Concentrated Peat Granules Support Lower pH Levels
  • Recommended for Tropical Fish That Originate From Amber, Tannin Stained Water
  • Ideal for Keeping and Breeding Tropical Fish Such as Tetras, Rasboras and Dwarf South American Cichlids
  • Enhances Coloration and Behavior in Specific Tropical Fish Species
  • For Freshwater Use Only

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