Fluval Edge Carbon Replacement Filter Media

Size: 3 count
Sale price$5.46


Specifically designed for the Fluval EDGE power filter, the Carbon Clean & Clear renewal sachets contain premium grade carbon that provides superior adsorption qualities that eliminate toxic impurities, odours and discoloration from aquarium water.

  • Improves Water Clarity, Color and Odor
  • Helps to Remove Toxins From Your Aquarium
  • Premium Grade Carbon
  • For Fluval Edge
  • 3 Packs Included

INSTRUCTIONS: Remove protective plastic bag and rinse Carbon Clean & Clear Sachet thoroughly before use. Place Carbon Clean a& Clear Sachet in middle section of insert basket. To maintiain water quality, it is important to replace insert every 2-4 weeks. To ensure a continuous presence of beneficial nitrifying bacteria, never renew sachet at the same time as the foam or BIOMAX.

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