Exo-Terra Reptile UVB200 HO Bulb

Size: 13 Watt
Sale price$30.99


The Exo-Terra Reptile UVB200 High Output UV Bulb meets the daily needs of reptiles with very high UV requirements. It emits the optimal UVB spectrum for increased Vitamin D3 photosynthesis, which aids calcium absorption and helps prevent metabolic diseases.

  • For reptiles with very high UVB requirements
  • Increased Vitamin D3 photosynthesis
  • Maximizes calcium absorption and helps prevent metabolic bone disease
  • Enhanced UVB penetration distance, ideal for tall terrariums and dense screens

Ideal for most desert reptiles, and other reptiles from environments with high, direct UVB exposure. Excellent UVB penetration at extended distances makes this bulb ideal for tall terrariums or habitats with dense screens.

Combine with Natural Light or Reptile Vision for optimal visual light output. Light and UV radiation in compact fluorescent bulbs decreases over time. Changing your terrarium bulbs yearly ensures optimal light conditions to keep your reptiles healthy.

The Exo-Terra Compact Fluorescent bulb is self-ballasted and a regular screw fitting is sufficient for operation. The spiral shape of the bulb enables vertical or horizontal mounting without compromising performance.

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