Exo Terra Gecko Cave for Reptiles

Size: Small
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The Exo Terra Gecko Cave makes the perfect addition to your gecko terrarium. A secure hide is an essential feature of the natural terrarium. Without a proper hide and sleeping area, geckos can easily develop stress that may affect their well-being and appetite. The natural look of the Exo Terra Gecko Cave can be easily integrated into any type of terrarium, and its sturdy design prevents it from being easily tipped over by larger geckos. The Exo Terra Gecko Cave is also extremely useful as nesting hide for various species of geckos. To create a moist hide just add moistened Exo Terras Forest Moss or Sphagnum Moss. Nesting hides should be kept moist at all times.

  • Secure Hiding for Reptiles and Amphibians
  • Prevents Stress
  • Perfect Nesting Hide
  • Ideal for Terrestrial Geckos Like Leopard Geckos
  • Add Moss For Moisture

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