Coralife ColorMax T5 Fluorescent Lamp

Size: 24" Bulb - 14 Watt
Sale price$12.96


Coralife ColorMax T5 Fluorescent Lamps provide full spectrum light for a warm glow that enhances the naturally vibrant colors and appearance of tropical fish and plants. These universal fluorescent bulbs fit all compatible electronic ballasts and are ideal for use with freshwater tropical aquariums.

  • Provides full spectrum daylight for a warm glow
  • Enhances the natural beauty of fish and plants
  • Fits all compatible electronic ballasts
  • The 24" T5 Lamp actual bulb length from pin to pin is 22.25" and fits 24" fixtures
  • The 36" T5 Lamp actual bulb length from pin to pin is 34" and fits 36" fixtures

Energy efficient T5 bulbs provide equal or greater light output compared to standard T8 aquarium lamps. Providing your fish with warm, bright light enhances their appearance and helps facilitate a proper day/night cycle. This encourages regular behaviors and helps keep your fish healthy and active.

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